Sean and Misty

Sean and Misty

I live in the Virginia Shenandoah Valley; near Skyline Drive, with my beautiful wife and three beautiful children (two boys and one girl). I enjoy spending time with my wife and children doing just about anything besides shopping.  I’m into photography (all photos on this site are my own) and I also enjoy the outdoors very much; including archery, fishing, hiking, biking, ATV riding, etc… but especially passing these traditions and hobbies on to my children. I’m a bit of an X10 fan (Smart Home) and enjoy finding new ways to do stupid things like “turning on/off lights” from my phone or “disabling a TV” based on environmental conditions. I like pretty much any gadget and enjoy interlinking them to achieve a goal. I’ve been in this industry since college. Started out doing just about anything related to computers and networking, and then focused on programming for almost a decade, then into Project Management, Solution Architecture and Consulting. I enjoy identifying solutions to real problems and watching them work and evolve. I am surrounded by an enormous amount of talent which encourages thought and growth.

My book SharePoint for Nonprofits is available on Amazon.

LinkedIn:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/seanbordner
Blogs:  MOSSSEO.com | MOSSSEO.WordPress.com
Twitter:  @SeanKyleBordner

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