DropBox for SharePoint

Once in a while, something comes out that I just want to tell the world about.  DropBox for SharePoint Server by Stephane Eyskens (MVP) is one of those things. 

I’ve used DropBox for a long time now, mainly for sharing files with friends and family.  I like it because it’s easy to use, it’s free and I use it for what its intended for – basically a file share in “the cloud”.

It’s funny because the things I like about it are also the same things I don’t like about utilizing it for proper collaboration.  For example, I like that it sync’s the files/folders to my local hard drive.  However, I would not love that idea for a team collaborative solution for many reasons, some of which include security, co-authoring, versioning, not to mention when someone deletes a file/folder, that same file/folder is deleted from MY hard drive the next time it syncs.  This will happen if they deleted it intentionally, or not (which HAS happened to me). 

I also like DropBox because I can use an iPhone App (which honestly only comes in handy once in a great while).  Viewing documents on a 3” screen is less than ideal.  I suppose it would make sense if I used an iPad (which I don’t).  I do, however, use a MacBook Air which is about as small as an iPad… and it works out very well.

But no matter how you slice it, DropBox is not a collaboration platform.  SharePoint, on the other hand, very much is a collaboration platform.  So if you could take the things I like about DropBox, and add it to SharePoint, it would be two great tastes that go great together!

That’s where DropBox for SharePoint Server comes in.  Here’s what it is (copied from DropBox for SharePoint Server) page:

– An easy & user friendly way to give your intranet users a place to associate documents to their profile…

– An easy way to provide a light alternative to personal sites which require most of the times, a good governance plan while the DropBox requires almost no governance

– A personal storage location a user can use to share documents with their network (everyone, colleagues, team…)

– An application that communicates to your network via the SharePoint News Feeds

– An application that ships with PowerShell commands administrators can use to manage storage, quotas and forbidden file extensions

– An application that’s fully integrated with the “My” SharePoint 2010 logic

It’s free and can be downloaded from CodePlex.


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