Attention SharePoint Designers

What if one of the very best SharePoint Design experts offered one hour of walking you through the secrets of making SharePoint look & feel exactly how you wanted it – would you pay attention?

Okay, what if several of the very best SharePoint Design experts all got together for a full day to walk you through all their tricks, best practices, avoidable pitfalls and trade secretes – would you show up?

I would for sure.

Making SharePoint look and feel precisely the way you want is an art form, like taming a wild horse – but if you can do it, you are in HIGH-DEMAND.

These guys are extremely sought-after and hard to gain access to.

The industries top SharePoint Design experts are gathering at the upcoming SharePointConference.ORG conference in Baltimore.

You don’t want to miss this one – this type of gathering just doesn’t happen often.

These SharePoint Design “horse-whispers” have combined decades of experience to share with you.

The Designer Track itself is well worth the price of admission:

  • Designing for SharePoint: Avoid the Pitfalls
  • 10 Ways to Make SharePoint NOT Look Like SharePoint
  • Best Practices: Usability and Accessibility
  • Designing for Mobile
  • Enhance SharePoint 2010 with Amazing JQuery Controls
  • The (Near) Future of the Web: HTML5 and CSS3
  • Silverlight for SharePoint
  • Lightning Sessions: Design (three 20 minute sessions on design topics with five minute breaks)

The conference also has a SharePoint Business User Track, and a SharePoint Developer Track.

I’ve been generously provided a 10% discount code which works for a limited number of seats. I’ll take it down when it’s depleted.

10% discount code: SPCon48561C

No way I’m missing this one – and really hope to see you there.


About Sean Bordner

CEO, Solution Architect, Co-Author of SharePoint for Nonprofits, Contributing Author MCT, MCTS, MCSD, MCP, MCAD
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