SharePoint 2010 Talk Radio – Interview

We did the SharePoint 2010 Talk Radio interview this morning with Gary Vaughan.

Here’s the basic transcript:

Describe SP 2010 in a nutshell:  Microsoft platform used for high-octane websites

                …used for intranets, extranets, public websites, communities of practice.

Key features of SP 2010: 

  • Social features (Status, Activity tracking, Note Board, Folksonomy)
  • Improved UI (+Ribbon)
  • Co-Authoring
  • Office Web Apps
  • Taxonomy Management (Term Stores, Term Sets, Terms)
  • Content Organizer Feature
  • Claims Based Auth Provider

Differences with MOSS

  • Claims based auth
  • 2010 upgrades MUCH smoother
  • 2010 much more intuitive for end users (b/c ribbon and ajax lightbox – retain your location)
  • Improved performance
  • Way less custom dev – BCS
  • Browser Support (Mac users appreciate this +Mac Office 2011 integration)
  • 508 Compliant (Accessibility standards)
  • Better mobile support

Why might an organization want to migrate to SP 2010….or why not?

Why ?

  • Relatively straight-forward upgrade (still plan)
  • Tons of new features and enhancements
  • Less custom dev
  • better performance
  • better browser compatibility +mobile compatibility
  • 4-5 year run (next ver. 2015)

Why Not?

  • You haven’t planned yet (Governance, phased approach for larger deployments)
  • You JUST deployed MOSS (you will always be in this boat if you don’t start planning your upgrade now)

Tech, user or infrastructure issues with 2010:

  • Consider HW Requirements (64 bit)
  • SQL 2005 or newer
  • Make sure SQL 2008 SP1 actually installed and took properly (can be deciving)…

Experiences of clients with 2010 to date:

  • So much nicer than the MOSS upgrade
  • Improved User Adoption
  • Lots of BI
  • Lots of private communities using social features
  • LOVE the BCS

Web resources:

The SharePoint User Group is an online SharePoint User Group, which also runs on the SharePoint platform.

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You can also lookup or add SharePoint terms in our SharePoint wiki, and host your SharePoint blog here.

LinkedIn SharePoint Users Group

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The group welcomes anyone interested in SharePoint, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Tell a friend to join now and start connecting!  We only have two rules: NO RECRUITERS and NO JOB POSTINGS.

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