SharePoint for Nonprofits – Our book is finally complete and available!


I would first like to thank Jim LaRocca, my friend and SusQtech Vice President, for mentoring me, putting up with my shenanigans, and teaching me many, many things – perhaps the most important of which is putting myself in other peoples shoes!  Thank you Jim.

SharePoint for Nonprofits addresses the specific needs of trade associations, membership societies, voluntary organizations, and other nonprofit associations, charities and .orgs; and how SharePoint might be used to satisfy some of these needs.

This book is NOT about installing SharePoint or writing code.

SharePoint for Nonprofits is about strategy, best practices and how organizations of all sizes leverage Microsoft’s popular SharePoint platform.

It is my hope that by reading this book, you will understand what can and can’t be accomplished using SharePoint, and how to best approach SharePoint solutions.

Tom Chapin, Director, Knowledge Management at WBB Consulting writes:

“I’m excited by your work – you’re on the mark. –Tom Chapin”

This book aims squarely at providing high-level SharePoint guidance and approach techniques for associations, nonprofits and orgs of all sizes. SharePoint for Nonprofits will help you properly navigate your org through the breadth and depth of SharePoint’s many, many uses.

Craig Shaffer, Director Information Technology at Association of American Railroads writes:

Despite the maturity of the Microsoft SharePoint platform, there is still a lot of misinformation in the marketplace about its capabilities. Talk to a dozen vendors and you will get at least a half a dozen different answers. This book brings clarity to many of the misnomers that have been circling the SharePoint world. It sheds light on a number of areas that many SharePoint consultants have neglected for far too long. No longer does SharePoint need to be relegated to the back of the house for intranet or document management. John and Sean go to great lengths to explain how SharePoint should be viewed as a platform, not just a document repository.

A quick and easy read, this book is concise and provides sound guidance as to the opportunities as well as pitfalls related to implementation and customization of SharePoint. It provides well thought out approaches and discusses the little known and talked about potential of an integrated SharePoint system/platform. This is not a developers guide, it is a book written specifically to IT decision makers, strategists, and executives.

John and Sean bring a much needed discussion to the SharePoint arena. This book is written from the perspective of how an organization can develop a comprehensive SharePoint strategy. This book is a must read for anyone who may be involved in deciding about whether or not SharePoint will be or still is a good fit for their organization. –Craig Shaffer”

SharePoint for Nonprofits is now available for purchase.

I hope you enjoy our best-selling book ever (mainly because it’s also our only book ever 😉 I’m very much looking forward to seeing you guys out in the awesome SharePoint community!

About Sean Bordner

CEO, Solution Architect, Co-Author of SharePoint for Nonprofits, Contributing Author MCT, MCTS, MCSD, MCP, MCAD
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  1. shakir majeed khan says:

    wants to be the first one to grab the copy

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