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MS Office Web Apps – Do end users still need MS Office installed on their workstations?

Office Web Applications give you the ability to run Microsoft Office applications such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint from within the web browser. A SharePoint 2010 Server makes this all possible. SP 2010 will need to be … Continue reading

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How to create a reusable workflow using SharePoint Designer 2010 (All Steps)

(c) Sean Bordner Using SharePoint Designer 2010 to create sophisticated reusable workflows is so easy, even a… Let’s just say it’s pretty easy. This post aims to walk you through the steps of creating a reusable workflow in SharePoint Designer … Continue reading

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Consider adding Rich Snippets to your SEO war-chest for improved ranking and findability

Snippets are the little descriptions displayed about the link on search results pages.  For a long time now, snippets have been auto-generated by Google and you had little control over what the snippet would be – other than the fact … Continue reading

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Problems Indexing an External Web Site with the SharePoint Search Engine

From time to time I have to troubleshoot SharePoint Search Engine issues dealing with it not properly indexing some external web site.  Just thought I’d share the steps I typically take in case you are trying to figure out what … Continue reading

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Influence SharePoint 2010 Search Result Page Ranking with Authoritative Pages

Many ingredients go in to the SharePoint 2010 Search Engine algorithm. We reviewed them all during this year’s presentation at the SharePoint .ORG Conference in Baltimore, MD. They include: Contextual Relevance, Metadata Extraction, Automatic Language Detection, File Type Biasing, Click … Continue reading

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Google Appliance with SharePoint?

As a consultant, I encounter all kinds of questionable decisions which were made long before my invitation to the party.  Of course this is totally normal because if everything was working perfectly, I would not have been asked to help … Continue reading

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