SharePoint Workflow for SEO

(c) Sean Bordner

(c) Sean Bordner

I’ve mentioned using SharePoint workflows as a way to ensure proper SEO techniques are being applied to your content.  Here are the steps involved with standing up these workflows:

Here are the steps required for creating a workflow using the web based interface:

1.  Navigate to the appropriate list/library

2.  Settings / Library Settings

3.  Click on Workflow Settings under Permissions and Management

4.   Use the “Approval” workflow and complete the remainder of the 2 screen process.

5.   Test

Here are the steps required for creating a workflow using SharePoint Designer:

1.   After opening the site using SharePoint Designer:  File / New / Workflow

2.   Specify how you wish to start the WF (in your case, it’s when items are added and edited)

3.  Click the next button

4.   Now specify the Condition and Action.  These are pretty self-explanatory once you are looking at them.

5.   Save your new WF and test. 

Note:  WF’s created using Designer are not readily reusable like workflows created using the web based interface, so you will need to repeat these steps on all doc libraries as needed.

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