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How to build a SharePoint Based Vacation Request Calendar with Manager Approval

This video steps you through the process of building a SharePoint based vacation request calendar with workflow.  This works with SharePoint 2007, but these steps will also work with SharePoint 2010. 

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Top 10 annoying things to say to a SharePoint Solution Architect:

Here’s the countdown, starting with number 10. #10. “This one should be a quick and easy one for you.” This statement is often paired with a “no big deal, right?” as a final wrap-up at the end of what amounts … Continue reading

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How to Start a New SharePoint Solution

If you have ever wondered how other people start the SharePoint solution discovery stage, here’s one approach.  Believe it or not; John Stover and I are actually pretty close friends, so you may not want to tackle your solution discovery … Continue reading

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SharePoint leading the Social Software in the Workplace Magic Quadrant

It’s not a big surprise to me that SharePoint is leading the Social Software in the Workplace Magic Quadrant.  However, I am wondering how long Gartner is going to refer to collaboration as “social networking.”  Most organizations I speak with … Continue reading

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SharePoint Wildcard Search *

Although I originally started out focusing on the Search Engine Optimization discipline within SharePoint, my blog has grown to include a range of other topics dealing with SharePoint and Search.  That’s why this post is about the use of wildcards in searches. An … Continue reading

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SharePoint Workflow for SEO

I’ve mentioned using SharePoint workflows as a way to ensure proper SEO techniques are being applied to your content.  Here are the steps involved with standing up these workflows: Here are the steps required for creating a workflow using the … Continue reading

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Lock Down SharePoint 2007 Application Pages

SharePoint 2007 application pages (_layouts) can be locked down to prevent users from accessing them.  This is helpful not only in preventing users from accessing application pages they don’t need to be accessing on a public facing web site, but … Continue reading

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SharePoint as Your Social Software?

The Microsoft and Facebook expanded partnership announcement a while back (worth $240 Million to Facebook) would lead one to seriously think about SharePoint as a business social networking platform.  “Business” social networking involves linking information workers and teams together.   … Continue reading

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