Content is King – Keeping SharePoint WCM Site Content FRESH

(c) Sean Bordner

(c) Sean Bordner

Keeping your sites content fresh is pretty vital when keeping search engine optimization concerns in proper perspective.  In fact, keeping fresh content is pretty important regardless of what your perspective on SEO.  It has been said that on the internet, “content is king”.  I tend to agree with this statement.  Content is information, and people need information to make important decisions every day.  Fresh content also keeps the search engines interested in your site; leading to a higher frequency of crawls, leading to a quicker turn-around when attempting to get content ranked. 
SharePoint 2010 offers a great way to help stay on top of how stagnate your content is getting.  This can be used to remind you and others to update a specific section of your site which may be getting a little crusty. 
It’s called “Site Use Confirmation and Deletion” and it’s located from the “Application Management” section of Central Administration.  You can use this page to require site owners to confirm that their web site collection are in use.  Additionally, you can configure automat deletion for unused web site collections.  Basically, you can configure SharePoint 2010 to check for unused site collections and send email notifications to the site owners telling them their site not being used.  This can further be configured to automatically delete the site collection if use not confirmed after sending n notices. 
This is a powerful way to automate the process of keeping on top of stagnate content and sections of your site which are not being utilized.  The email notifications remind owners to update their content and you can auto-delete site collections which are no longer relevant or even helping to enforce the sites existence and/or goals.

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