SEO – What NOT to do

(c) Sean Bordner

(c) Sean Bordner

Many things factor into overall ranking of a web site. Some of the more obvious ones include: site availability, amount of content, keyword density, etc… But what about the things that harm your sites rankings which you may be doing and should NOT be? This list would include: keyword stuffing, trying to “fool” the search engines with doorway pages, or hidden text. Are you using the exact same html title on every page of your site? Are you submitting your site to multiple search engines more than once – or worse yet; allowing some online “SEO” company to submit your site to multiple search engines on your behalf? All the aforementioned things are very common mistakes that may negatively affect your web sites rankings. These are not “trade secrets” in fact the major players all have information available online which explains how to improve your web sites rankings. Some less obvious things which could potentially harm rankings include: domain forwarding, content syndication, domain registration term, all those super-cool graphics and page layouts that require mind twisting table nesting or worse, complex URL’s (query strings, for example: You can learn a lot about what not to do by reading what the search engine folks themselves advise you to do and not do. The most important thing to remember is do NOT try to fool the search engines.


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